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Jun. 13th, 2013

[It's about Daito-kun's movie I watched last month. Well, my grammar is suck. So if you don't wanna see such a bad grammar, don't hit this line, please.]

First time I watched this movie, my impression is "What a lovely movie". Well, i think its story is simple, about a man who really love his girlfriend, no matter what. But, I do really love this movie *well maybe not the movie, but one of the character here (Daito-kun's character). I love his character here. The man who really love his girlfriend even she's love that kind of stuff *like boys' love or else, something other people may have no idea what is the interesting point of it*. Well, the man is younger than her but I think he's more mature than his girlfriend (Yoriko). As short, I love this movie. Thanks to this movie, I love Daito-kun more.. LOL XD I wish I will meet someone like him (Hinata), someone who never mind what her girlfriend is, as along as he love her, it's okay for him. And I do really love the line in the picture above "Donna kimi demo, kimi ga suki".

This' when Hinata confessed his feeling to Yoriko and asked her to go out with him. *of course Yoriko accepted it, It won't be "Fujoshi Kanojo" if she didn't accept it. LOL XD

This' when Yoriko brought Hinata to meet her friends *well of course they are otaku too*. I don't know what kind of restaurant/cafe that is. But I think it's kind of "maid-cafe" but this one, the maid is man *well it's when we called it as "butler", isn't it!? How cute seeing those three women talked about things that Hinta had no idea what is it.

This' when Hinata accompanied her to a bookstore * I dunno what kind of bookstore that is*. Poor Hinata when he knew the truth from Yoriko that it's rare for a man who visit that place, so some girls there were looking at him.

This' when Hinata had to dry out his book because of Yoriko. I love this scene, Yoriko always called him "goshujin-sama" *Hinata dislike it*. And she's being spoiled here, asking him to warm her up since she's weaing that kind of clothes.

This' the scene when Hinata surprised Yoriko. Yoriko is in the London. He called her by phone and then someone knock the door. It was a courier. But a second later Hinata came. Yoriko was so surprised since she didn't expect him to be there.

*Just realized that the woman who played as Yoriko is the woman I saw in the Lucky Seven Ep. 1.